Hello World

There are millions of blogs out there, but this one is mine. And that's the point. I sometimes think that I understand a programming topic or stasticial concept well, but when I try to explain it to another human, my words fall flat. No longer I say!

I plan on using this blog as way for me to improve my understanding of complex concepts in programming and other technical areas by writing about them. By writing out my thoughts, I hope to expose gaps in knowledge, hopefully leading me (and anyone else who happens to find themselves here) on a path of enlightenment (or at least lessened confusion).

I'm currently interested in Python, data science, and web frameworks, so expect to see some posts about those subjects in the near future. Please feel free to contact me if you want to get in touch, or if you want to point out that something in one of my posts is off. Corrections are highly encouraged: if I'm wrong I learn something, if I'm right I get to solidify my knowledge through explantion -- everybody wins.

'Til next time.